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Helping you to expand into foreign markets

Promotion of your goods and services abroad




Founder & International Business Development Manager 
Edgars Rožāns, MBA


In his professional career Edgars has worked exetensively as a sales, project and company manager focusing on foreign markets. For the last years he has been doing what he likes the most – interacting with people all around the world and helping companies from various industries to develop their export sales into new markets across all 7 continents of the world.


He holds a Master’s (MBA) degree in International Business with specialization in Export Management and has published on the subject of international economic competitiveness serveral scientific publications.


Coming from Latvia, he has also lived, studied and worked in countries such as the USA, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Norway. He is fluent in Latvian, Norwegian, English, Russian and Spanish, as well as can use for work Lithuanian and Ukrainian languages.

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Having a  competitive product or service is only one  part of the key to success. Such products and services have to be projected into the world of commerce in a way that grabs attention and provides access to crucial information that helps other businesses make well informed purchase decisions.  This is where LatEksports brings its  knowledge and skills to its clients.  It does this by helping its clients to:

–  Represent companies in exhibitions, trade expos and other key events events

– Approach potential buyers and partners

– Conceptualise and advise on effective marketing materials for foreign markets

– Develop buyer attraction strategies

– Decide the most effective sales channels
– Determine the best markets


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Operagata, Oslo, Norway

+371 26 471 441

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